Siempre Mujer Magazine

The Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush Shade 4 is photographed and featured in the December/January issue of Siempre Mujer in an editorial titled, “Gran Estreno: Un Bello Hallazgo” (Big Premier: Beautiful Findings). This editor included the Japonesque Blush as one of the top makeup products for under $25 because the fine powder seamlessly blends into your skin for a pop of color. ... More

Beauty Store Business Magazine features Japonesque Color

Beauty Store Business Magazine highlights the launch of Japonesque Color at ULTA Beauty.... More

Parents Magazine features Mineral Shadow Brush

Parents Magazine features Japonesque Mineral Shadow Brush in December 2013 issue. ... More

Jennifer Aniston Uses Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curler

Jennifer Aniston tells Vogue Daily her technique for her perfectly long lashes -- Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curler!... More

Vogue Magazine Features Velvet Touch Blush

Vogue Magazine features Japonesque Color Velvet Touch Blush for holiday gift giving!... More

New Beauty - Japonesque Color

New Beauty Introduces Japonesque Color... More

Teen Vogue features Japonesque Color

This New Japonesque Makeup Is Pretty Enough to Put on Display... More

Grazia Magazine Feature

Grazia Magazine Features Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush... More

LifeStyle Magazine Features Japonesque Color

LifeStyle Magazine Features Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Palettes and Lip Lacquer!... More

People Style Watch Makeup Brush Article

People Style Watch features Japoneque Angled Eyeliner Brush November 2013. ... More

Shape Magazine Stroke of Genius

Shape Magazine features Japonesque 150 Degree Collection Pointed Liner Brush!... More

YOU Magazine Feature

Article Summary Here... More

The Observer Magazine Feature

Article Summary Here... More

The Independent on Sunday Feature

Article Summary Here... More
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