Private Label

Japonesque has earned the reputation of creating the most versatile and distinctive makeup brushes and beauty accessories in the industry. Japonesque makeup brushes and tools are more than just accessories to beauty, they elevate the users experience and have become an industry standard.

The industry’s most successful brands, most respected retailers and the world’s finest spas have something in common: They put their trust in us and their brand names on our products.

With Japonesque PRIVATE LABEL, you can benefit from our 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. We work closely with you to design and produce a new custom item that shares our vision of excellence. Our development team can deliver a professional quality piece utilizing exceptional materials and uncompromising standards.

Every Japonesque PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCT is produced to the highest manufacturing standards, because even if our name isn’t on the product, our reputation is. Please contact us for more information.