Brushes & Sponges

Makeup Brushes are our passion, heritage and a benchmark of excellence among the worlds most respected makeup artists.


Find the perfect brush for every technique and application with our makeup matchmaker.


High Density Foundation Brush

The triangular shape diffuses product to ensure minimal waste. The densely packed brush is designed to apply foundation for maximum coverage.


Straight Foundation Brush

The oval shape ensures product reaches every pore and blemish. The densely packed brush ensures complete coverage for a photo ready complexion.


Domed Powder Brush

The domed shape reduces fall out to minimize product waste while the blended bristles ensures an even, polished application.


BB/CC Cream Brush

The domed brush head is perfectly contoured to roll and buff products into the skin for an ultra-natural, hydrated finish.


Blush Brush

The full, slightly oval brush head fits perfectly on the apples of the cheek for an effortless natural wash of color.  


Curved Contour Brush

The curved contour of the brush head allows for the smooth, seamless application of product to targeted areas of the face such as the cheekbone and jaw line.


Fluff Concealer Brush

The fluffy domed tip allows for the perfect diffusion of product, including in hard to reach areas, for an airbrushed finish without wiping away product.


Rounded Concealer Brush

The rounded brush tapers to a precise domed tip that applies and blends product to a smooth, flawless finish.


Rounded Foundation Brush

The flat, rounded brush s specifically designed to reach into the contours of the face for precision application around eyes, nose and chin.


Crease Blending Brush

The fluffy tapered tip allows for complete control when blending and applying pigment to the eye area. Ideal for applying transitional colors and achieving an airbrushed effect.


Cut Crease Blending Brush

The oval-like beveled tip allows for precise application and blending to the inner crease area. Creates an effortless crease line.


Precision Baking Brush

The angled brush head delivers the ideal amount of product to the smaller, curved areas of the face without streaking. Perfect for blending creams and depositing loose powders.


Tapered Powder Brush

The fluffy tapered tip allows for a more controlled application of product onto smaller targeted facial features. Perfect for final detailing of contour and highlighting.


Slanted Powder Brush

The angled brush head contours to the angles of the face to evenly apply powder for professional results. The slanted brush fibers allow for maximum pick up and better control while minimizing waste.


Fluff Powder Brush

The fluffy rounded tip allows for a flawless diffusion of product across the face. The size of the brush head ensures the proper amount of product application.

Japonesque Brush Features

The Japonesque Difference

Every JAPONESQUE® brush is assembled by hand to ensure absolute quality.

Metal Ferrules

Rust-resistant ferrules feature proprietary crimping technology to lock in brush fibers ensuring longevity and performance.

Wooden Handles

Solid, durable handles offer comfort and precision during application.

Japonesque Brush Features

Fiber Blends

Natural & synthetic blended fibers give exceptional flexibility, durability and softness for exquisite application and easy maintenance.

Natural Fibers

Natural fiber brushes offer superb blending and application control for professional results.

Synthetic Fibers

Luxurious soft synthetic fiber brushes apply product with flawless results and offer easy maintenance for long lasting performance.

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