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Even if our name isn't on the product, our reputation is.

About Us

With over 30 years of experience developing some of the most recognized beauty products in the world, JAPONESQUE has an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and innovation. Our uncompromising approach to design, development and delivery has ensured the world’s most successful brands and retailers continue to put their trust and brand names with us.

The Heart of What We Do…

We provide innovative store brand solutions that drive exceptional category growth.  Our deep knowledge of the beauty space is built on over 100 years of combined experience and partnership with leading retailers.  Our proprietary approach will help you evaluate opportunities for higher productivity and profitability, and unleash your store brand potential.  Let us help you with these three keys to improved store brand success:


We are especially skilled at creating store brands that set you apart from your competition. Store brand programs need to go beyond a “less for less” positioning. With our approach your customers will see more than just a low price. They’ll see high value.


We believe that store brands can be a source of new benefits and features in your overall assortment. Our unique approach to innovation has driven significant productivity increases for leading retailers in multiple channels.


Our entire approach to product quality and packaging design elevates your store brand offering without increasing costs. Our partnership approach to managing operational details elevates your ability to both drive and meet increased demand.  

Capabilities Across Categories

As a resource for some of the best names in the beauty business, we are unwavering in our desire to understand your brand, your customer, and your needs with our full turn-key services.

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Project Management

Meet your best-in-class dedicated team.

All our partner brands are assigned a dedicated project manager to provide a superior level of collaboration and support. Our best-in-class team of professionals will look after every aspect of your line – from initial creative concepts, design work and made-to-order tooling through to critical path management, regulatory affairs and quality control.

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Find confidence with superior materials and profitable costs.

We are unwavering in our desire to create exceptional brands with materials and craftsmanship that meet you and your customer’s expectations. With our heritage for creating precision products using the finest materials, finishes and ingredients and our ability to source quality materials at value pricing, we are able to offer an extensive range of beauty offerings to meet every need.

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Supply Chain

Rest easy with our factory to store product management.

We can expertly manage your brand across the entire supply chain spectrum. Our expertise in factory compliance ensures products are made to your company’s social accountability standards. We specialize in both importing and domestic warehousing to cover any and all supply management needs you may have. Our inventory management team will work closely with you to ensure you always have the right product in the right place at the right time to maximize profitability. From the time an order is placed to delivery of product we are with you every step of the way.

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Part of the head section of a Japonesque makeup brush
Part of the handle of a Japonesque makeup brush
Part of the handle of a Japonesque makeup brush
Part of a handle of a Japonesque makeup brush
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Product Development

Build your brand with intelligence.

We are able to uniquely identify trends and will support your brand in ensuring your product mix meets the needs of your customers season after season, year after year. With over 30 years in the beauty space we have successfully built products and brands for some of the industry’s most exciting and profitable product lines.

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Entice customers to buy.

Our experienced design team understands the beauty category and develops beautiful packaging that invites your customers to take them home. From header cards, hang tags, labels, custom boxes, chipboard, PET and vacuum form, we offer a variety of personalized packing solutions for your business. As masters of the latest beauty trends, we design packaging that captures the attention of the beauty shopper with compelling graphics and copy.

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Marketing Support

Drive brand awareness.

Our marketing gurus are experts at engaging your customers to build brand awareness. We can support your brand with in-store displays, promotional strategies and a full scope of digital marketing programs including website development, social media campaigns and video production. We will partner with you to determine the right marketing mix to maximize brand exposure with your target audience.


Our reputation for precision, professional grade implements has been built on over 30 years of expertise. We understand this sku intensive category and offer exceptional quality that delivers on consumer’s expectations while boosting your bottom line. Today’s women are turning to high-tech professional style beauty tools to create a salon experience at home. We understand this expectation and are the ideal partner to help define the right mix of beauty tools to enhance and elevate your customers’ beauty regime.

Brushes & Sponges

Makeup brushes have long been at the heart of our product portfolio and are our passion and heritage. With over 30 years of experience designing brushes for professional makeup artists, we are the unchallenged leader in brush technology. Our expertly crafted brushes are made with revolutionary materials, from high-tech synthetics to the most luxurious natural bristles. Our category expertise ensures your brush line is fashion-forward and performs to deliver flawless results with today’s technique and trend applications.

Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser in the gentle coconut cleansing balm open and filled with soap suds and with a clean makeup brush with suds on it because the solid cleansing balm is perfect for cleaning brushes and maintaining their quality.

Brush Care

As the demand for makeup brushes continues to grow, so does the demand for products that clean and protect brushes. We offer best-in-class solutions for gently cleaning and conditioning all types of makeup brushes. From solids and liquids to cleansers and shampoos, we offer standard and customized formulas to create products that perform with award-winning results. 


Partnering with makeup professionals and beauty experts, we offer cosmetics designed to meet the utmost standards. Fashion-forward colors, wide ranges of textures, bases, additives and quality formulas that bring runway-ready makeup to the everyday beauty lover. Our approach to creating  customized makeup brands with a build-as-you-grow approach creates brand awareness and loyalty with top performing trends and formulas for a product mix that delivers bottom line results.

Lashes & Adhesives

Our lashes are designed to enhance the length, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes and can be made from a variety of materials including silk, mink, synthetic or human hair. With unlimited shapes and styles, we can design a line of lashes to meet your exact specifications. Our lash adhesive formulations are cosmetic grade and include waterproof and latex-free options.

Nail Color

When it comes to nail color, we are at the forefront of technology offering a customized line of nail polish featuring the most innovative salon quality formulas available. From  base coat to top coat and every shade of color in-between our nail polish range can be custom created with crèmes, sheers, pearls, mattes, shimmers, glitters and metallic finishes. All our formulas are DTP, Toulene and formaldehyde free with options including classic polish, long-wear or gel-polish technology.

Cases & Totes

Combining form and function, we offer a wide range of cases and totes that elevate your brand and provide your customers with function and convenience in style. Our innovative travel cases and folios are sleek and convenient, yet designed to withstand the rigors of heavy travel. With a wide variety of trays, removable pouches and cabinet-style systems, we can create a customized collection designed around your customer’s needs.

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Best in Class Partnership

We have over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and an impressive client portfolio giving you the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and secure your place as a visionary market leader.

“Japonesque offers innovative solutions we don’t see from other suppliers”

          –NationalSpecialty Beauty Retail

“Japonesque has never missed a new program launch date. That’s important to us!”

          –National Drug Store Chain

“Japonesque is our best on-time delivery partner”

          –Leading Specialty Beauty Retailer

“Japonesque is the expert in Store Brand offering and execution”

          –National Retailer

Japonesque, LLC has won awards for store brand partnerships such as the supplier partner of the year from CVS health.
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ULTA Beauty logo on a black background; ULTA Beauty is a brand partner of Japonesque.
Sephora logo on a black background; Sephora is a brand partner of Japonesque.
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