manicured hand with red nail polish holding bottle of red polish

A Flawless Manicure

The secret to long lasting nail color is a flawless manicure starting with nail prep. To ensure your nail polish lasts, use the right tools and follow these simple steps.

Japonesque Flawless Manicure Step 1 Clean and Trim nails


  1. Remove existing polish and wash hands with soap and water. Use a soft nail brush to scrub the surface and underside of the nail to thoroughly clean nails.
  2. Trim nails to the desired length with the JAPONESQUE® Pro Performance Nail Clipper.

Tip:  Avoid soaking fingernails in water. Fingernails are thin and easily absorb water, making them soft and pliable, which can cause rips or tears.

Japonesque Flawless Manicure Step 2 Shape nails


  1. Smooth and shape the nail with the JAPONESQUE® Glamour Salon Board.

Tip:  Never file the surface of the nails which will make nails thinner and more likely to break and tear. If you have dips or ridges, use a ridge filler.

Japonesque Flawless Manicure Step 3 Care for cuticles


  1. Apply a cuticle softening cream or gel to each nail.
  2. Use the flat side of the Velvet Touch Nail Tool to push back cuticles.
  3. Clean under each nail with the pointed side of the JAPONESQUE® Nail Tool.
Japonesque Flawless Manicure Step 4 Clean cuticles


  1. Gently remove any hangnails or excess skin around cuticles with the Pro Performance Cuticle Nipper.

Tip:  Meticulously cleaning the cuticle area helps prevent polish from peeling or lifting. Never cut the actual cuticle, which is living skin and can become infected if cut.

Japonesque Flawless Manicure Step 5 Apply polish


  1. Wash hands with soap and water to remove any dust. Cleanse nails with Isopropyl alcohol to remove contaminants and dehydrate the nail bed to help ensure maximum adhesion of polish.
  2. Apply nail color. Always start with a Base Coat which acts like double sided sticky tape anchoring nail color to the nail. Always end with a Top Coat which acts like a hard shield protecting color from dents and scratches.

Tip:  Cap the tip of each nail with color after your first coat to help color last longer and prevent peeling at the tip. Then apply your second coat.

When applying polish, leave a clean margin around cuticles to prevent lifting and peeling.