Own Your Glow step by step

Discover Japonesque's luxurious range of products that highlight your beauty for a glowing complexion you can own.

Born from JAPONESQUE’s heritage, the Kumadori Color Collection is a stunning curation of premium color cosmetics that bring the ancient process to life with a modern spin. Artistry of the past meets today’s lifestyle to create a look that is an exceptional expression of inner beauty.



  1. Prep and prime the skin by blending 1-2 pumps of JAPONESQUE Radiance Primer into your JAPONESQUE Luminous Foundation and apply over the entire face. For light coverage use the JAPONESQUE Stippling Brush. For heavier coverage use the JAPONESQUE High Density Foundation Brush.
  2. Brighten the eye area and create a soft glow by applying JAPONESQUE Pixelated Color® Eyelighter under eyes and blend with the JAPONESQUE Precision Concealer Brush.
  3. Set your foundation and reduce any excess oil by buffing on JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch® Finishing Powder using the JAPONESQUE Domed Powder Brush.
  4. Perfect your complexion by finishing with the Kumadori® Luminescent Finishing Powder. Using the JAPONESQUE Highlighter Fan Brush, sweep across cheeks and forehead to leave a flawless finish.


  1. With the Kumadori® Highlight & Contour Brush apply the light shade of the Kumadori® Ombre Highlighter over the high points of the face: down the center of the nose, along the cupids bow of lips and right above cheekbones.
  2. Add subtle definition by gliding the Kumadori® Blending Brush down the center of the Kumadori® Ombre Highlighter, ending on the darker shade. Blend product along the sides of nose, right under cheekbones, and around hairline.


  1. Using the JAPONESQUE All Over Eye Shadow Brush, lightly sweep the light shade of the JAPONESQUE Ombre Highlighter over the entire lid area.
  2. Define the eye with JAPONESQUE Metallic Black Eye Pencil along the top lash line. Start by angling the liner upwards towards the brow, extending past your line to create a cat eye effect.
  3. Enhance the eye by layering the JAPONESQUE Metallic Gold Eye Pencil on top of the Metallic Black.
  4. Complete your eye look by layering the Kumadori® Metallic Black Eye Pencil over the Kumadori® Metallic Gold Liner on the lower lash line, smudging outwards with the JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush.
  5. Using the Kumadori® Dual Ended Brow Pencil, with the triangular tip outline the brow using quick strokes for natural definition. With the oval tip create depth by filling in the brow and build to the desired color.


  1. Complete the look by applying the Kumadori® Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Red to create a glamorous look.


Lock in the look with JAPONESQUE Makeup Setting Spray, misting it in a circular motion over the entire face.