Spring Inspired Modern Mani

Nail art has never been hotter but creating intricate looks with polish takes a steady hand and a lot of patience. Fortunately, there’s an easier way with nail decals. This innovative approach to an at-home manicure makes everyone their own best nail artist. Just like polish, the key to longevity with nail decals is a clean nail bed. Japonesque’s precision nail tools can help make sure your nails are meticulously manicured to help your nail decals lasts up to 2 weeks.

The Look

Step 1: Create a Clean Base

When applying an at-home manicure, do as the pros do and spend the most of your time on nail prep. Our Essential Manicure Kit and Velvet Touch Manicure Nipper are all you need for this important step. Use the nail clipper in the Essential Manicure Kit to clip nails to desired length and shape. Then push your cuticles back with the nail stick. With the Pro Performance Cuticle Nipper, carefully trim away excess cuticle, or hangnails. Use alcohol or nail polish remover to remove all the natural oil on your nails and help make sure your nails are completely free of moisture and dust.

nail nippers

Step 2: Apply Nail Decals

Once you have a clean base, select the size of the decal. Choose a size slightly smaller than your natural nail bed. Pick up the decal with a tweezer and gently lay it down on your nail. Try not to touch the adhesive side or stretch when applying. Apply the decal from the cuticle line and press down firmly until all the edges lay flat, leaving a tiny gap between the decal and cuticle. Start from the center of the cuticle line and smooth out the surface to ensure there are no wrinkles. Practice makes perfect!


Step 3: File to Remove Excess

Once the decal is set or dry, fold the excess material over the nail tip and file off the excess. The Essential 4-Way Nail Buffer is an ideal option for this step. File in a downward motion, perpendicular to your nail bed. Make sure not to file upward or side to side. Filing in other directions can cause dust and grit to get under the decal, preventing it from adhering properly. Once each nail has been filed down, gently pull the excess to remove.


Step 4: Smooth and Polish

The final step is to clean and polish nails. Using the Essential 4 Way Nail Buffer, smooth and file any rough edges to prevent the strip from lifting. Make sure the free edge of your nail is visible. If you notice lifting on either side, use the nail clippers in the Essential Manicure Kit to trim off the edges. Avoid washing your hands in super-hot water or applying oil-based products that might cause lifting. A little extra effort will keep your spring nails looking fresh and polished!

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