We're in this Together. While you focus on staying healthy on the inside, JAPONESQUE can help you stay beautiful on the outside. We will be sharing DIY tips for healthy nails, groomed brows, and natural lash care here and on our social channels. Our professional grade tools are available at Target, Walmart, RiteAid, Amazon and other select retailers.

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The Ultimate Brush Collection

Our collection of makeup brushes and sponges are customized for today's most trending techniques.

Introducing our new Rose Gold Shimmer & Shine Collection


How to get great brows & the best brow shape for your face.

Complexion Perfection

The JAPONESQUE Kumadori beauty sponge creates an airbrushed flawless finish.

A Perfect


Discover tools and tips for a perfect mani & pedi.

Brush up your makeup with tips and tricks from Japonesque. Join our A list.

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A look at how we Create Beauty.