Soft Summer Ombre Mani

This summer’s inspired nail look is soft and pretty with an ombre effect that is super easy to create at home. And even though the technique is easy, you still want it to last which means you need a good nail base before applying color. Japonesque is here to help with our Essentials Mani/Pedi Kit which has all the tools you need. Just like a salon manicure, the more meticulous you are, the longer your mani will last.

hands with multicolored nail painting
The Look

Nail Shaping:

An almond shaped nail looks feminine and helps an ombre design look sleek. Use the clipper to trim each nail to an oval shape. Trim sides first and then the center to minimize pressure on the nail which can cause cracking. Then use the file to smooth the free edge. File in one direction to avoid causing any damage.


Cuticle Care:

Cuticle care is probably the most important step. A cuticle that is clean and free of skin helps prevent polish from peeling or lifting from the base of the nail. Take care to avoid cutting living skin during this step. The Japonesque nipper in the Essential Mani/Pedi kit has hand sharpened blades for clean precise cuticle removal. Finally use rubbing alcohol to dehydrate the nail right before applying polish.


Apply Color:

Apply a base coat. Then polish nails a solid grey color and let dry. Next, use tape to border the nail so the skin is protected. Apply a thin stripe of nail polish onto a makeup sponge in this color order; grey, pink, dark pink, grey. Dab color onto each nail to create the ombre effect. Repeat the process for a 2nd coat and apply topcoat. Remove the tape and use a brush to clean away any excess polish on the skin.

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