Brows & Lashes

Brow Tips for Flawless Arches

Maintaining your brows at home takes just the right touch and tools. Here are a few tips to help you keep your arches looking flawless.

Flawless Arches on woman's face using JAPONESQUE® tools
Flawless Arches

 1. Use a Tweezer: Leave waxing and threading to the pros. Get yourself a great pair of Japonesque tweezers for your at-home brow grooming. Our hand-sharpened tips grab every hair for flawless tweezing.

Woman using JAPONESQUE® tweezers to groom eyebrows

2. Trim Before You Pluck: You may be tempted to pluck longer hair, but it might leave a gaping hole in the center of your brow. Use a spoolie to brush bows up. Then trim the hair that falls outside your arches. Our Brow Perfecting Kit or Luxe Brow Kit is Perfect for the job.

Pluck eyebrows using JAPONESQUE® tools

3. Less is More: Even if you know you want to thin out your brows, still remove one hair at a time. After plucking a few hairs, use a brow brush to brush brows back into place. Try our Brow & Lash Shaper -it has 3 tools in 1 for expert results. Then step back look in the mirror for the full effect. You can always remove more hair, but once you’ve plucked, you can’t put it back.

Woman using JAPONESQUE® Brow & Lash shaper

4. Use a Razor: For brows that stand out, remove all the fine peach fuzz around your brows. Look for a razor with Japanese stainless-steel blades like those in our Touch Up Razors and Dermaplaners – these ultra-sharp blades cleanly remove every hair for the smoothest results.

Flawless Arches on woman's face using JAPONESQUE® tools

5. Fill in Gaps: Use a brow brush and your favorite brow filler to fill in gaps and further define the shape of your brows. Try our Angled Brow Brush which has stiff, short bristles for the ultimate control and precision.

Flawless Arches on woman's face using JAPONESQUE® tools